Tomorrow Sleep


To launch Serta Simmons into the crowded world of boxed mattresses, I created n online magazine for their new brand, Tomorrow Sleep. Covering the intersection of sleep, lifestyle, and wellness, it offers in-depth editorial and interviews sourced from a wide range of sleep experts.

Since launching, the Magazine has accounted for 26% of the site's inbound traffic, while engaging readers with a 19% higher time on page than the site average. It's also received coverage from the The Boston Globe

More importantly, it's driving business. Customer journeys that start on the Magazine have a 1.1% conversion rate, which is over 7 times greater than the rest of the site.

My Role

Lead content strategist

Paid and organic distribution strategy


Contributing writer

Example articles

The 10 Most Influential People in Sleep

Meet Cheri Mah, the Scientist Behind Game-Winning Sleep

Office Nap Pods: Why Sleeping on the Job Is No Longer Taboo